Orphan sponsorship: The sponsor contributes a 60$/ month during 1 year minimum or 720 $.
Complete sponsorship : The  sponsor ensures to cover the needs of first necessity as well as the punctual needs as follows:

Punctual contributions: The donor makes donation in one time during specific events :

Scholar furniture: A contribution of 50 $ per year to purchase books and materials required by schools.
Summer camp: A donation of 50$ to allow an orphan to spend 10 days vacation in a chosen camping.
Eid Adha: Around 250$ for sheep and 50$ for a basket of foods and toys.
Eid Fitr: A donation of 50$ t o provide clothes to the orphan

Family sponsorship: The sponsor contributes a 90$/ month during 1 year minimum or 1080 $.
The  sponsor ensures to cover the needs of first necessity as well as the punctual needs as follows for orphan's family:

Partners :

This non-for-profit focuses on the issues related to the Family. It is based in Casablanca, Morocco and has a sponsorship program for orphans. It's an experienced association with very qualified committee members working in a very professional way. Al hidn receives SDO financial contributions and deliver them to the orphans

This not-for-profit organisation deals exclusively with orphans who are in need. It operates from the city of Marrakech and works well in the deep regions of Morocco. It aims to help orphans while keeping them in their own environment rather than in an orphanage. Alyatim promotes the values of solidarity and sharing spirit within Moroccan society.
This organisation supports orphans and families. It operates in Tanger in the northern Morocco. Its activities extend to the surrending rural areas and cities. The suport of the child, especially orphans, is among its priorities. In addition to the moral and financil support, Alouan offers several activities that allow children better social integration.

This association is based in Mekness in Morocco

ADSF (Tunisia) :
The ADSF association for the support of the orphan is based in Hammem Ghezaz in Tunisia